Welcome to a new beginng ,brawl,make friends,do you have what it takes to answer the call to brawl
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baku pod
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PostSubject: My Profile   Sun Oct 04, 2009 10:43 am

Name: Roberto

Age- 12

{Pyrus} - Dragonoid/Guardian-400G, Neo Dragonoid-350G,Bee Striker-300G, Saurus-250G
{No Attribute} - Clear El Condor-350G
Trap-Pyrus Scorpion


Gate Card
Triple Battle Card-When this gate card is activates it can bring out one more bakugan.
Mine Ghost-Any 2 bakugan on this Gate Card is destroyed if there are allies, or enemies.
Energy Merge-Descreases 100G and increases 100G of a bakugan
Pyrus Reactor-Boost Pyrus Bakugan of 100G on the battle field
Double Battle-Bost player put one more bakugan and combine the power levels of each
Rainbow-each bakugan gets 50-Gs for each different bakugan the players are using in this game
Triangle Gate-Boost every attribute G-Power by 100G

Ability Cards: Blaze: Gives Pyrus bakugan G by 100
Magma Blast: Bakugan G raise by 100 opponent bakugan lose 100 G
Hurricane of Fire: Raises bakugan G-Power by 110 G
Energy:Tranfers 100g to one bakugan
Boosted Dragon: Gives dragonoid 50G
Pyrus:All Bakugan have their Printed G-Power reduce to 0 on the Gate cards
Pyrus2:While this card in my used pile, when my pyrus bakugan get a gate card bonus, I can take highlighted bonus instead of the one from my bakugan's attribute
Rainbow Portal:I can play at the beginning of the game. while this is the only card in my used pile, I can reroll one pyrus bakugan.
Call of the hex:I can move all the traps in my used pile to my unused pile, I also can reroll.
Combo Battle:If I roll, and results as a battle Both player can add one more bakugan to the battle.

Fusion Abilities: None
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